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Ideologically Credible Policy as Core Offering : Partai SRI, Where Are You at This?

Today, they are going to announce whether Partai SRI will be able to compete in the next election. Whatever the verdict, this is a high time to pause and think again. Are we in the right track?

I will bore you with this. But if a political party wants to generate public support, at least they need to understand what the public supports are for.

Looking at the current political practices, almost all of them take the very short cut. They think, the public supports the parties or candidates for (a) a small amount of money they give right before they vote, (b) a promise of program/infrastructure in that region that they might not want to keep (c) popularity of the candidates/ endorser (d) and last, the credibility of the candidates/ endorser.

We both know that Partai SRI takes the last short cut. Although, it is better than other, it is still a short cut.

Furthermore, I was shocked and very disappointed when Arbi Sanit, party founder, said that Partai SRI would be terminated if Sri Mulayani does not want to run for next election. This is stupid for I will not support a party with sole intention to be vehicle.

Electing a party/candidates for their iconic figure is wrong. SBY and his Partai Demokrat is a living example for that mistake.

Partai SRI needs to take a different route. In practical level, this is due to the fact that the party has no traditional or primordial ties to the voters. But largely, because what other parties do are wrong.

Voters have to understand that their choice should be based on their preference in competing policies proposal. The policies will determine whether they are better off or worse off. It is true that different policies appeal to different people but that the essence of political competition.

It is not easy to make them realize it since they are not used to it. They might fail to see the difference among parties because other parties don’t emphasize on that. But I believe, all of this is for Partai SRI advantage. We teach them how to chose and in the process we can earn respect and affection.

On the other hand party members should be educated that policies are coherent only if they are based on similar ideology. Partai SRI cannot be merely SMI’s fans club. They might come from different life views so they might want different policies.

Are we ready to articulate Partai SRI’s ideological stance?

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