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Wu Li Master. A Dance Without Dancer.

I came across a quantum physic book years ago. The Dancing Wu Li Master by Gary Zukav. I read it more than ten times since. It is an awesome book.

I like the way the book describes the reality of sub atomic level. In a way it is far from sterile, boring discussion. But instead, it is rich, profound and ultimately philosophical. As the tittle suggests, it brings eastern philosophy in understanding quantum physic. What an approach!

And I have to admit that book changes my view on how I see my reality.
It opens my eyes that the very foundation of our physical universe is mostly void. Worst, it is even not a “thing”. It is just tendencies to exist. Confused?

Okay. Let’s use our intuitive approach. Let’s visualize the electron and nucleus in an atom as a planet and the star. However, the orbit is not a circle nor ellipse but sphere. It is easy to view the atom as a ball but that’s not it. The size of nucleus and the electron is very small compared to the radius of the sphere. You can imagine a ball with 50 meters radius. Put a grain of salt in the middle. That is the nucleus. Instead of solid, the surface is actually a possible area to find the electron which in our example just as big as a dust. Can you really see the grain and the dust within that 50 meters radius? No? So the atom is mostly void.

Thus, our physical world is built by these atoms. By these void. Yet, we see solid entities everywhere. We even feel it as solid. Can you imagine, you are hit by a void yet you feel the pain?

But, that is just half of the story. When we imagine the electron or nucleus, we imagine a particle. Something with mass. Not bad. That is the way we see things in our world. But what really happen in that sub atomic level is beyond our imagination.

First, the particles in the sub atomic level do not just sit around being subatomic particles. Proton for example, it alternates between a proton and a neutral pion on the other hand, and being a neutron and a negative pion on the hands. What does it tell us? We are built on something that never cease to change.

And the most amazing thing, all the dancing occurs instantaneously. When an electron receives energy, it moves to higher level. However, it doesn’t do it gradually. It jumps. What actually happen, the electron in the lower energy is ceases to exist, and another electron appear in the higher energy. Don’t know whether they are the same electron. But surely, there is no time lapse between the disappearance and the appearance. Instantaneously.
So you can safely say that every moment, we are destroyed and constructed at the same time. Continuously. There is no way that we, 5 minutes ago, consist of the same particles of we, right now. So who are we then?

As if this isn’t shocking enough, they find out that “particles” are actually intermediate state. Mass is just a statement about velocity and energy. There is no substance. In the Zukav’s words, there is no dancer, only the dancing. It is an event/activity rather than a thing. In other word, it is a verb rather than noun. So basically, we don’t exist!! We are just movement. We are just force.

And I surrender.
I start to understand that we are all connected. In a dance without a dancer, there is no room for creation and creator. We are in together. As a whole.
And I let everything flow. I let us flow….

2 thoughts on “Wu Li Master. A Dance Without Dancer.”

  1. Gede agustapa

    Keren. Tulisannya mengalami metamorphosis. Inner transformation happen. Lol. Ini miriip2 sama buku2 fritjoff capra.

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